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Chaudiere Books originally came together between Jennifer Mulligan and rob mclennan in late 2004. Mulligan had been listening to mclennan grumbling for years about the lack of a solid Ottawa-based literary publisher actively seeking the work of writers around town to help develop and foster the writing the way Arsenal Pulp in Vancouver, Turnstone Press in Winnipeg and Vehicule Press in Montreal had already been doing for decades.

With the help of Anita Dolman, and later, Carmel Purkis, they hammered together a series of ideas and a business plan to get the press moving, with the idea that their press, named Chaudiere Books to keep links not only historically and geographically but literary, would publish four books a season of poetry, fiction and eventually non-fiction starting fall 2006.

In August 2013, the press was re-launched as a sole proprietorship, with Ottawa poet, designer, and book conservator Christine McNair stepping in to fill the role of co-publisher and production manager. With the assistance of Monique Desnoyers (web designer) and Stephen Brockwell (sage advice)we've been enormously busy since 2013 (apart from the fact that McNair and mclennan saw the birth of their Rose in November), working towards a return to a proper publishing schedule, beginning with our first two titles in the fall of 2013 and spring of 2014, respectively.

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The Calgary Renaissance
edited by derek beaulieu and rob mclennan


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